The Gransfors Bruk Splitting Maul: A Timelessly Handcrafted Work of Art

A couple of years back I really got into watching online videos about hand-made tools and craftsmen in different trades. I especially enjoyed one video in particular, John Neeman’s “The Birth of a Tool.” (I’ll leave a link for you below.)

Watching these videos was a tipping point for me especially in terms of the way I think about buying tools.

My New Tool-Buying Resolution:

Henceforth, I resolve to do the following: If there is a tool that I’m going to use on a consistent basis (be it a computer, a kitchen knife, a multi-tool), then it’s important to spend more money, even a grip-load more than originally intended, if by doing so I can get the best tool available.

Why? Because the end result would be

  1. A greater efficiency at whatever task I am completing
  2. A greater enjoyment while doing the actual work
  3. Less crummy tools floating around the house, and…
  4. More that I can one day pass on to my children and grandchildren.

Who wouldn’t want to be the kind of Dad or Grandpa that opens up a treasure chest of timeless treasures to share with their posterity? You can call me “Grandpa-with-the-goods.” or “Grandpa-treasure-chest.”

Again, why not buy something I enjoy using, that does a better job, that cuts down on clutter (because I have less money to spend on garbage-tools) and that someday I can pass on to my children and grandchildren? It only makes sense. It makes short term and long-term sense.

I think “Wranglerstar” on Youtube calls, these types of tools “Heritage” pieces.

From now on, I’m gonna try to buy only heritage pieces when it comes to everyday tools.

Invest in the Best

So, just over a year ago I bought my dad the splitting maul that you see in this video. And boy it is a beauty. This is both a timelessly crafted work of art, and the ultimate tool of destruction. Thor would be proud of such a hefty piece of metallurgy and craftsmanship.

In this video I give a quick overview of the specs, and give a demo of how well it does splitting small pieces of wood, knotty logs from the depths of Hades, and how it might help you in some creative food preparation- the manly way!

Splitting Maul Specs:

  • 5 1/2 ib. Head
  • 2 1/2″ Face
  • 31″ Hickory Handle
  • Grain-Leather Sheath
  • Forged in Sweden

Beautifully hand-forged

Get Yours Here

I’m not an affiliate of Gransfors Bruk or Amazon at the moment, but I thought I’d leave a link so you know where you can pick up one of these babies if you’re interested. Here’s a link to the cheapest price I found on Amazon:

Gransfors Bruk Intro Video

I found a great video/documentary by Outdrr Play which introduces the Gränsfors Bruk Company: its history, the principles behind its work, and some great close-ups of their forging and tool-making processes. Enjoy!

The Birth of a Tool

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