Back to Eden Farming

Would you like to try gardening, but without the following problems?

  1. Tilling
  2. Soil Preparation
  3. Fertilizing
  4. Irrigation
  5. Weed Control
  6. Pest Issues
  7. Crop Rotation
  8. PH Issues

These problems do not exist in nature. They are a result of modern-day farming methods. You don’t have to deal with these either if you try the methods mentioned in this video.

Paul’s love for the Lord really shows throughout the video. He unabashedly shares the gospel with those who come from around the world to see and learn about his amazing garden method. It reminds me of the Biblical account where people came from distant lands to hear King Solomon’s wisdom. It’s amazing what one can learn when connected to the Creator of all the Universe. Christians should be pacesetters in the different fields and industries we occupy- with the goal of glorifying God’s name, and being a blessing to those around us.

So grab a bag of non-gmo popcorn, your favourite brewski of choice, and enjoy this video on farming- “Back-to-Eden Style.”

(I’m not able to embed the original documentary, so you’ll have to click the link Here to see it on the “Back to Eden Film” official site. Scroll down toward the bottom of the page and you’ll see the video. The whole documentary is available to watch for free. Enjoy!)


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