By God’s Command: A Poem

What can I do, to be saved, and before my Maker stand?
The Bible first, beckons me, to obey God’s commands.

And so I must, read His Word, and see what He has said
His Law is pure, and undefiled, it is our meat and bread

Commandment 1 says, Love the Lord, and Him to serve alone.
To love other gods, riches or pow’r, Our God will not condone

Commandment 2, says “Do not bow, down to any i-dols.”
They cannot see, nor hear nor speak, our God will have no ri-vals.

Commandment 3, says, “Do not use, the Lord God’s name in vain,”
His name is great, and to be praised, by lips that must be trained.

Commandment 4, says, “Keep in mind, the Sabbath is God’s Day.”
Keep it holy, and sanctified, worship the Lord and pray.

Commandment 5, says, “Honor both, your Mother and your Father.”
Plant in your heart, all that they teach, oh Godly son and daughter.

Commandment 6, says. “You shall not, murder any one.”
Life comes from God, it is His gift, for all under the Sun.

Commandment 7 says, “You shall not, commit adulter-y”
The act or thought, is unfaithfulness, and deadly as can be.

Commandment 8 says, “Do not steal, or take what is not thine.”
To have the Lord, and all He gives, will suite His children fine.”

Commandment 9 says “You shall not, ever bear false wit-ness
stand up for truth, against all lies, and de-fend the guilt-less

Commandment 10 says, “You shall not, co-vet thy neighbors things.”
Steward what’s yours, always content, thankful for what God brings.

And these commandments, 10 in all, are summed up in this way
To love the Lord, your neighbor too, and do this every day.

But I see now, my flesh is weak, I’ve broken every rule.
In thought and word, and all I do, I am the greatest fool.

The Bible says, that for man’s sin, and following the heart’s desire
Blood must be shed, ‘Tis where life dwells, Will not mine be required?

What can I do, to be saved, and before my Maker stand?
Sin’s burden weighs, me to the ground, a consequence unplanned.

Yet be-fore time, God au-thored all, the moments of histor-y
Not left to chance, but His sovereign grace, a plan to set men free

Je-sus then came, God in the flesh, and ful-filled the laws demands
Then made His way, to Calvary, to finish The Master Plan

And on a cross, His blood did flow, from hands, and feet, and side,
He drank the Cup, of God’s wrath, The cost to redeem His bride

Three days passed, then Jesus rose, Victorious from His grave,
Mis-sion com-plete, Satan’s defeat, And All God’s children saved.

Oh what great love, Jesus showed, obeying His Father’s Commands,
Now because of Christ, I am saved! and before my Maker stand.

Photo credit: mz.multics via / CC BY

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