Family Time Activities

Here’s a primer list of some productive activities you can do with your family during your free time.

  1. Exercise:
    1. Plant a Garden- Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Trees- Personal use, selling, added value products
    2. Sports- Running, Bicycle Riding, Swimming, Ball Sports, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Trapping, Shooting-arrows, guns, racing (Please Remember 1 Timothy 4:8)
  2. Stewardship:
    1. Raise animals with a purpose- Dogs, Fish, Cats, Chickens, Goats, Cows,
  3. Design/Building:
    1. Airplanes, Boats, Kites, Models, Paper-mashe, Origami, Computer Design, Inventing things, tree houses, Bird houses
  4. Art:
    1. Drawing- framed, Cards, calendars, etc., Painting, Sculpting, Carving- For Family & Friends, to sell at stores or online
  5. Writing:
    1. Stories, Poems, Informational brochures, Real Letters, Scripture verses
  6. Electronics:
    1. Build Websites, Presentations, Videos, Movies, Audio Recordings- Mac or Windows
  7. Music:
    1. Learning instruments- Piano, Guitar, Strings, Horns, Wind, Drums, worship team, making recordings, performances
  8. Cooking:
    1. Meals, Beverages, Snacks- personal use, selling, value added products
  9. Wood Work-
    1. Furniture- Desks, tables, Chairs, cabinets, sheds, tree-houses, animal houses, blocks, swords, guns, tools,
  10. Teaching:
    1. 1. At home, At church, at schools, seminars, trade shows, online, with neighbors,
      family, and friends
  11. Acting:
    1. Bible stories, history, re-enactment, using army men, puppets,
  12. Reading Out loud and Quietly:
    1. Bible, history, stories (Not fables, which do not teach truth 1 Tim. 4:7)
  13. Crafts:
    1. Candles, Soap, Potpourri, Artwork, Thread Crafts: Sewing, Quilting, Knitting, etc…
  14. Hospitality:
    1. Inviting neighbors, friends, family over for weekday dinners, or Weekend meals. Non-TV activities, show them what your family does instead of T.V.
  15. Board Games:
    1. Make sure they are non-gambling, cards can be offensive to some, non-witchcraft related
  16. Home Business- Prov. 31:24
    1. Activities- Is there a craft that you like to make? A food product, or a service
      that can be turned into a family enterprise? Purposes: 1- Involve family
      working together 2-Productive with time 3- Learning experience: math,
      business, customer service 4- Witnessing opportunities by engaging society
      5- Extra income might relieve some of husband’s work related stress, possibly
      free up more time for family
  17. Make Videos-
    1. Home videos, Educational videos, How To videos, Product Reviews, Book Reviews, Interesting Things You’re Learning, Videos about Animals, Creation, Performances, Cooking
  18. Travel
    1. Fields Trips, outings, vacations, educational trips,
  19. Street Witnessing

What do you think? Do you have any great family activity ideas that I should add to this list? Please leave a comment below and I’ll see if it’s something I should add. Thanks!

Photo credit: Reiner Girsch via / CC BY-ND

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